LISTEN: Divine Youth – ‘Please Pour Away Those Petrol Eyes’

In the evocatively titled Please Pour Away Those Petrol Eyes’, Divine Youth channel the ramshackle playfulness of The Libertines, mingled with the emotional trappings of The Smiths and Interpol.

The band’s power trio format is expanded on record with a variety of textures. Analogue synths churn in the background, percussion flits in and out of the periphery, echoing vocals come and go. At times, it feels as if the track would benefit from more experimental orchestral backing, however, the distinctive, emotive vocal delivery and the fast pace keeps things interesting.

The refrain at the very beginning of the song is lovely, and the band demonstrate good taste by holding back on the main beat until a good minute has passed; when the beat comes in, it comes in hard. Lyrically and thematically there’s a nice sense of old-fashioned patience. This, twinned with wistful nostalgia, is a charming effect.

The track is a great debut from the Stoke-On-Trent trio, and is available to stream in music video form on Youtube and Divine Youth’s other social hideouts. Alternatively, buy the track on iTunes. Whatever you do, go and check it out.

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