LISTEN: ARSADI – ‘Love Should Be Like’

‘Love Should Be Like’ is the sophomore single of new and upcoming Swedish pop-rock band ARSADI.

Time to leave cloudy UK and head to Sweden for a bit. Formed in Uppsala in 2016, ARSADI follow up their debut single with ‘Love Should Be Like,’ a liberating pop-rock take on the remembrance of love, nature and what it was like to be 17.

The four-piece take a new musical turn and let their feel-good rock vibrations come out. Yet, under these, there are remnants of a nostalgia that seem to be at the core of ARSADI. This is especially noticeable at the middle eight, where the image of an almost flawless scenery is conjured only in order for the narrator to let everything out in the line, “Deep inside you / I’ll find my price.” And it makes one think whether this is a song about finding someone’s love, or about finding oneself deep down in bottomless pools of memory.

Recorded and mixed by Filip Sjögren at Youth Recordings in Karlstad, ‘Love Should Be Like’ proves the Swedish band is in full control of their own sound. Influenced by the likes of John Mayer, Coldplay and Arcade Fire, the tightness of the track is almost palpable, and each band member gets to shine in a humble yet clear-cut way; the drummer, Pedram Effati, straight from the beginning lifts and holds the song with an upbeat tempo and, where the need is, pushes the song with syncopated hi-hat openings; Feria Hikmet, on the bass, brings it all down right after the first chorus and shows who the real captain is; Nils Öberg probably gets the best part, the guitar solo, at the peak of the song’s dynamics; and, finally, Anthony Bachtiar introduces the middle eight with an anthemic piano riff that begs to be repeated and dazzles with his stupendous vocals in the chorus.

ARSADI, who will be performing live shows in Stockholm and Uppsala in the coming weeks, validate their spot in the ones-to-watch list and we are eagerly waiting for their debut EP out later this winter.

Photo Credit: Björn Adriansson

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