PREMIERE: Milo’s Planes – ‘Sentiment’

With all the off-kilter charm of an undiscovered Pavement b-side Milos’s Planes’ ‘Sentiment’ starts messy and refuses to tidy itself up over the course of its skittish 124 seconds. Stop-start rhythms and frantic vocals belie the warm and relaxed tone of the guitars, creating a simultaneously frenetic and relaxed energy at once. This two-pronged approach is much of what makes the song so damn likeable.

Plus aside from all the quasi-analytical codswallop above, it’s just a hugely enjoyable slice of feral energy likely to warm the cockles of any slacker-rock junky (guilty). Listen to ‘Sentiment’ which we’re delighted to be able to première below:

‘Sentiment’ is taken off the band’s forthcoming ‘Locks EP’, due out 4th April. Pre-order here.

For more on Milo’s Planes, head to Facebook and Twitter.

Photo Credit: Alex Rawson

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