LISTEN: Money On Verema – ‘Guillotines’

One of our favourite Australian singer/songwriter’s Jonathon Colliver aka. Money On Verema is back with new single ‘Guillotines’.

It’s intelligent indie pop with steely-eyed melodies and an ample sprinkling of sunny charisma. ‘Guillotines’ is a statement of intent, stridently progressing further than Colliver’s début ‘Hook, Line & Sinker’ ventured, showing Colliver’s growing comfort as a solo act and maturing songwriting abilities.

‘Guillotines’ is complete with earnest observations like “I could say a million things, a million things that you would soon forget”. With this track, Colliver makes it look so easy to write a strong pop song. Even though ‘Guillotines’ strongest component is its simplistic lyrical ideas, it doesn’t let you down. It has bite, confidence and drive, which in itself brings out Colliver’s blossoming potential as an artist.

You can stream ‘Guillotines’ on Triple J Unearthed and even download the track for absolutely nothing here. Sorry that we can only bring you a taster of the track [see video below] but head over to Triple J for the full song. 

Money on Verema Links: Website . Facebook . Twitter

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