Grace Gillespie – Empty in the Capital

Chartreuse – Three Days

Charlie Cunningham – Sink In

Francis Lung – I Wanna Live In My Dreams

Indoor Pets – Being Strange

Billie Marten – Mice

Josey Marina – Queen of the Coloured Clouds

Rosie Carney – Bare

Tancred – Reviews

Caro – Lick Your Lips

Roo Panes – A Message To Myself

CHILDCARE – Getting Over You (By Dressing Up Like You)

Caro – Eyes on the Ground

Fenne Lily – What’s Good

Flyte – Cathy Come Home

Albin Lee Meldau – Persistence

Caro – Closet Lunatic

Dama Scout – Paper Boy

FUSS – Fluff

Haunt the Woods – Twisted

Loa Loa – Pyrrhic

National Service – A Little More Time

The Big Moon  – Formidable

Richard Walters – Awards Night

whenyoung – Actor

King Charles – Find A Way

Bryde – Honey

Odina – You Loved Me, You Killed Me

Fenne Lily – Top To Toe

Sahara Beck – Here It Comes

Sienna Chorus – S|W|Y|A

King Charles – Gamble For A Rose

Sara Hartman – Monster Lead Me Home

Forever Cult – Tunnel Vision

Liu Bei – Philip Seymour Hoffman

Billie Marten – Bird

ETCHES – Do Nothing

BANNERS – Shine A Light

Storms – Shame

Hollow States – Damage I’ve Done

Theo Berndt – Guess You Never Thought Of It That Way

Slow Riot – City of Culture

Broken Hands – Meteor

Night Engine – Wound Up Tight

Storms – Girl

Miamigo – Hard to Love

October Drift – You Are, You Are

Cavalry – An Understanding

KLOË – Feel

The Slow Readers Club – I Saw A Ghost

Broken Hands – Death Grip

Sienna Chorus – Perfect Remedy

Babaganouj – Can’t Stop

Shake Shake Go – England Skies

Le Noire – Fire

VITAMIN – Did It For You

twin hidden – Join Hands

Jasia, Safety

Sean O’Neill, Carried In The Wind

Hollow States, If I Have To Grow Up

Arctic Lake, How Long Can You Stare

The Twoks, Hey

The Slow Readers Club, Don’t Mind

Wonderful Humans, Edge of the Night

Go Life, Help Yourself

Stephanie Fraser, Trying To Resist

Storms, Swell

The Slow Readers Club, Start Again

MT, Dear One

Roo Panes, Tiger Striped Sky

Strangers, Wolf at the Door

Jim Hickey, Burning Forest

The Darlingtons, Rotations

Zella Day, Sweet Ophelia

Huckleberry Hastings, Huckleberry Blues

The Twoks, First Light

The Kill Van Kulls, Wishing

Hannah Georgas, Enemies

ETCHES, The Charm Offensive

Lost in the Trees, Past Life

Tom the Lion, Sleep

LVLS, Echoes

No Monster Club, (I Think You Could Only Get Away With This Carry On When You’re In) The Sun

Major Leagues, Endless Drain

Johanna Glaza, Shall I Be A Saint

Leon Else, Protocol

Eden Mulholland, Mekong Delta

Sisters, Hush Hush

Rey Pila, Alexander

Jim Hickey, Everything

The Darlingtons, Don’t Give Me Hope

Ruen Brothers, Blood Runs Wild

All the Young, Fingerprints & DNA

The Slow Readers Club, Forever In Your Debt

The Assist, Control

Cull, World Inside Your Head

Etches, Let’s Move In

The Boom Boom, Do About Me

Betty Who, You’re in Love

Titanics, Low Frames

Moscow, Down (Hell Fire)

Beat The Bandit, Let Me Teach You How To Dance

Bedlam Crooks, Next Animal

Carousel, Another Day

Me, Sleepwalker

Jaws, Gold

Strangers, Sense of Liberty

F.U.R.S, Just Kids

Matt Hires, Restless Heart

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