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SONG OF THE WEEK: Strangers – ‘Wolf at the Door’

London based dark synth pop purveyors, Strangers, recently dropped their new single, Wolf at the Door, to a steady ream of praise from their adoring fans and press alike. The song was also picked up by Xfm’s John Kennedy, were it received its first radio-play and has since been storming the airwaves across the UK and Europe.

This track is a shining example of Strangers innate ability to produce high quality, haunting synth pop. Not only does it boast a catchy chorus, something that we’ve come to expect from Strangers, but it delves deeper into their sound, bringing out sprawling synths like we’ve never heard before, layered textures that swoon at the very thought of them, and hooks galore. It’s a foray on the senses, burying itself in your mind and never letting up, it will have you chanting “we gotta lose ourselves, to find ourselves, lose ourselves, to find ourselves” all day long. Strangers have firmly asserted themselves, even more, as a band that aren’t to be forgotten or ignored, they are truly masters of moody synth pop and are here to stay. 

Wolf at the Door is set for release on 2nd June. I know, I know, it’s a longgg wait but it’ll be worth it, until then just stream the track below till your hearts content.

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