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SONG OF THE WEEK: Hollow States – ‘Damage I’ve Done’

There is beauty in pain and sadness in light. A perplexity which is practised candidly by Hollow States on ‘Damage I’ve Done’ with breathtaking grace, this is their best moment yet.

It’s built in us as humans to feel, whatever that may be: sorrow, pain, anger, hope, happiness, compassion. Human nature is something that can’t be outrun, it’s instinctual and perpetual, but we each deal with our emotions in different ways. Hollow States explore, dissect and observe this emotional capacity on ‘Damage I’ve Done’, tortured by a paralysing darkness, the song is about letting go of that pain and moving past it. Ultimately, it’s a song about personal growth, through testing times we learn who we truly are.

‘Damage I’ve Done’ is out now, buy it here.

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