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SONG OF THE WEEK: Rosie Carney – ‘Bare’

Rosie Carney is a singer-songwriter and musician who holds the power to mould music from the minimal – as we have already heard in her previous powerful track Awake Me.

Her latest single ‘Bare’ bubbles with built-up emotion under the surface, yet is a skilfully-channelled track, etching out experience over time – in what seems to be a tale of isolation and self-discovery. A track that champions our own sense of self.

Opening with dwelling acoustic notes which wrap round the listener in the moment, it provides a kind of current to curl into the mystical vocals of ‘smashed like a glass that was dropped on the floor.’ The imagery is evocative and sparkling, as is the voice, entering into themes of damage with an emotive emphasis.

Carney is capable of pulling out the pressure of individual words and phrases – an almost magical quality about her music – with lines like ‘words you’ve spoken’ suspended by her soaring, sensuous vocals. It is a force which seems to ascend over the course of the track, dipping to dwell in places such as ‘please take me there’ – turning it into a type of address to another, and conveying the experience of isolation when reciprocation lacks.

After all, the track holds the highly resonant theme of hurt and subsequent isolation, expressed again in lines like ‘Time keeps passing’ – but at this point in the track, an overlay of keys adds to the mix. This allows for reflection, a sense of further progression and a sound gentle and tuneful; like hope. Out of one’s own isolation, personal progression can arise, as Carney herself reflects:

The song stems from the feelings of solitude and isolation you experience after going through something negatively impacting. I tried to write the song in stages of that experience, the first verse being the most raw and vulnerable, and the last, letting go. I don’t necessarily think solitude is a negative thing, but actually very positive. It allows us to get to know ourselves better within each situation. I tried to capture that strength in this song.”

All the time the acoustic sequence carries on strong in the background and as the layer of keys become thicker, this is composition which creates movement, feeling and emphasizes that even when we are alone, this can allow artful space for reflection. Ahead of her upcoming album release early next year, this is a sign of Carney’s skill and strength.

Recognising our own actions and limits is part of that, as ‘I tried to be there’ reflects, billowing with a rush of keys and rising harmonies – allowing the track to end on a level of emotional realisation. A resonant track which doesn’t just raise thought, but raises hope. 

The new single ‘Bare’ is out now via Akira Records – available to Purchase/Stream here.

Catch Rosie Carney on tour throughout May and June:

May 16 | Chelsea, Vienna
May 14 | Serraglio, Milan
May 17 | Musik & Frieden, Berlin
May 19 | Ideal Bar, Copenhagen
May 21 | Bar Brooklyn, Stockholm
May 22 | Nochtspeicher, Hamburg
May 23 | Yuca, Cologne
May 26 | Ekko, Ultrecht
May 28 | USVA, Gronigen
May 29 | Le Point Ephémère, Paris
Jun 01 | Omeara, London
Jun 04 | Omeara, London
Jun 02 | Stereo, Glasgow

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