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SONG OF THE WEEK: Jasia – ‘Safety’

Picture a windswept, snowy mountainous landscape, now press play on Jasia’s ‘Safety’ and sit back and take it all in. Do feel that? That’s the shiver inducing power of Jasia’s grandiose orchestral electronica or maybe it’s just the feeling of blissful solitude that Jasia evokes. Either way, it’s something we will keep coming back for.

Immediately on my first listen of ‘Safety’, I was struck by the minimal production on the track. Simply being met with a ricocheting bass line and sturdy percussion until the vocal kicks in, it seems just so effortless yet so effective. Sometimes subtlety speaks more than words can. 

There’s a very cinematic feel to the track, yet still it has its intimate moments, but I feel that Jasia leans more towards creating grander and more elaborate soundscapes but of course, I won’t argue with that. It makes for quite the finale. More please, Jasia. Thank you.

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Charlotte Holroyd
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