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SONG OF THE WEEK: Caro – ‘Closet Lunatic’

The first release of 2017 for Caro has now been revealed as the wild card live favourite, ‘Closet Lunatic’. A song of many faces and many parts, but easily identifiable as that of the Leeds trio’s best work to date.

Sinking into the intellectual field of expression, a la alt-J with a sprinkling of Vampire Weekend‘s sprightly peculiarity, ‘Closet Lunatic’ burrows and corkscrews into every pore guided by its squirming rhythm section and attention grabbing vocal. Fantastically abstract lyricism wriggles through volumes of thunderous distorted bass and interesting guitar effects, but to not highlight the percussive expertise here would be ungracious, the playing is electric in every sense – nuanced and intricate, showy and considered. It’s this attention to detail that sets the band apart.

Caro like deviate from the norm and edge further into the unknown, so it would be rude if their subject matter wasn’t to follow suit. This time around we’re met by some excellent spoken lures, particular favourites are: “I’ll only stop to chat if no one’s listening”“I keep my thoughts in my pocket” , “Underneath your goody two shoes is a dirty pair of socks that you’re never gonna wash,” again this is a fine example of how to dropkick a bunch of seemingly random phrases into one airtight space.

Both artistically and personally rewarding, this single hopefully will cut through and establish Caro as a major force – a band that can sway between both the quiet realms of articulation and the poised dissonance of style.

Caro are set to perform at this year’s Great Escape festival in Brighton, a hometown headline gig is also booked at The Lending Room on 31st May. For ticket information, head here.

Find Caro on Facebook and Twitter.

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