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SONG OF THE WEEK: Miamigo – ‘Hard To Love’

Miamigo made an impressive entrance with their debut single ‘Opinions’ but not many bands after achieving instant success, manage to keep the momentum going into their sophomore release and even top their efforts in doing so. But just one listen to Miamigo’s second track ‘Hard to Love’ and it’s near impossible to conjure anything less than a feeling of utter excitement for this band.

Their music is wrapped in a sheen of synthesised beats and mighty pop hooks, but it goes much darker than this. The lyrical soul of Miamigo is trapped in an undertow of deeply tangled inner emotions with the self. It’s this complex, somewhat twisted, interplay that defines Miamigo not as the archetypal synth pop band, but as a collective that wants to explore more than just words and sounds, rather they are plagued by the incessant need to explore the human condition. They have nurtured a new way of expression and we are hooked.

Catch the unveiling of the band’s live set at this year’s Great Escape festival at 6.30pm on 14th May at Patterns.

‘Hard to Love’ is taken from Miamigo’s debut EP out 14th June, via their own label Indian Hop Recordings.

Miamigo Links: Website . Facebook . Twitter

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