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SONG OF THE WEEK: Storms – ‘Girl’

Since we first heard Storms melodic slacker rock all those many moons ago, we’ve fallen infectiously and venomously in love with them. With the impact of their new track ‘Girl’, we can’t help but feel even more enamoured by their ability to craft emotionally brutal, hook laden songs.

Like any good tale of emotional discourse that’s interlocked in a romantic tangle with another, ‘Girl’ is twisted and obsessed, squirming and teasing till it gets it’s way. A rampant vocal urges “don’t you wanna kiss me, as I grip your shoulder?” while guitar, bass and drums all surround the promise with violent aplomb.

It’s hard not to get swept up by the confession that “you’re the one” and why not? After all, sweeping statements like that tend to make a pretty deep impression on a person. Stream ‘Girl’ below, but be warned you might want to prepare yourself for the amount of times you’ll be hitting the repeat button.

‘Girl’ is out now, via MUK Records.

Storms Links: Website . Facebook . Twitter

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