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SONG OF THE WEEK: Sienna Chorus – ‘S|W|Y|A’

Sienna Chorus’ elegant pop has stunned us from the first moment we heard debut track ‘Sideways’, the band’s latest release ‘S|W|Y|A’ (Stay Where You Are) continues to raise that bar even higher.

With sleek lines and choral harmonies, ‘S|W|Y|A’ creates the perfect balance between the romantic grooves of its percussive backing and the vocalist’s yearning for a reconnection with his childhood home and the people he left behind.

Sienna Chorus always carry a touch of the cinematic within all that they do. It is within their widescreen vision that they have not only built their music to great heights – by combining powerful sentiments with instrumental grandeur – but they also have built a new way of connecting with people. Moving through waves of sumptuous reverb and passionately sung emotion, ‘S|W|Y|A’ magnificently captures intimacy within its bold, far-reaching walls.

Stream ‘S|W|Y|A’ below.

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