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SONG OF THE WEEK: Richard Walters – ‘Awards Night’

Oxford-born Richard Walters recently released a new album titled ‘A.M’, the current single off the new record is ‘Awards Night’, a song that imagines the thoughts and feelings of musician Elliott Smith at his 1998 Oscars performance.

The gossamer piano ballad is resolute in focus but transitory in confidence, slowly achieving a sense of wild conviction as we move through its verses. Walters’ moving vocal remains windswept, breaking in and out of focus, as he rallies his thoughts around the surreal concept of Smith performing at the Oscars. The lo-fi production of ‘Awards Night’ helps to depict the ambient atmosphere on that night in 1998, complete with hushed troughs and peaks of soundtracked applause. The recording proves to be one of Walters’ most intimate and stirring pieces, and further solidifies Walters’ brilliant songwriting talent.

Richard Walters’ new album ‘A.M’ is out now. Buy on iTunes here.

For updates on Richard Walters, head to his Website.

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