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Drone-pop cosmonauts FUSS are the latest blissful psych-pop band to tingle the ears, releasing the first track from their debut EP, ‘Fluff’ demonstrates the band’s mind-bending alternate blues. Having signed to new Northern-based independent label, ModernSky Entertainment, and already supported the likes of fellow Liverpool band The Vryll Society, FUSS are a five-piece that highlight the North’s blossoming modern psychedelic scene.

Stepping into a contemporary shoegaze whirl, ‘Fluff’ is a slow-laden swirl of hazy sun-kissed pop. Producer Tom Longworth’s (of work with The Vryll Society) expertly creative-pop experimentation can be recognised on the track. Crooning the ears in a goldfish bowl of ‘space-folk’ solitude, the track sways in a dopey and soothing trance.

Spooling like a soothing daydream, FUSS’s debut release proves to be an idyllic ponder into the realms of strangely cathartic psychedelia.

FUSS will be performing at this year’s Sound City showcase in Liverpool on 27th May.

FUSS can be found on Facebook and Twitter.

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