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SONG OF THE WEEK: Haunt The Woods – ‘Twisted’

Haunt The Woods release odyssean new track ‘Twisted’, the second single to be lifted from ‘The Line’ EP of the Devon-based band.

The four-piece spell seven minutes and fifteen seconds of maze-like harmonic minors and haunting reverb into an awe-inspiring gesture of their brilliant talent, giving the sensation that something hangs over ‘Twisted’ like a Damoclean sword, waiting to fall on you like a malediction.

The track opens with a guitar arpeggio that carries the song throughout the various stages of this introspective journey. “This is my body/and these are my days,” sings an impeccable vocal in the first verse, surrounded by daunting synths that sound like a shadow. The second guitar comes in, sharp and stark, with the chorus line: “Pull me under / Hold me down” which almost goes unnoticed but is somehow hooky by the end of the track.

From then on, the drums join in and take the dynamics to another level. Unaware, you have already been entangled in the labyrinthian quality of ‘Twisted’ and the best thing you can do is sit back and enjoy the ride. An expedition is always all the more satisfying when left unexplained for you to experience.

‘Twisted’ is taken from Haunt the Woods’ new EP ‘The Line’ which is out now. Find on iTunes here.

Haunt the Woods can be found on Facebook and Twitter.

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