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SONG OF THE WEEK: Stephanie Fraser – ‘Trying To Resist’

Blackpool born songstress and songwriter, Stephanie Fraser, is an artist that will leave you not only joyfully elated at the very thought of listening to her sensational musings but at the same time, she’ll leave you quivering on your bedroom floor at the sound of her heavenly vocals.

Stephanie was snapped up instantly by Island Records whilst she was still studying at music college, her distinct style of songwriting surely proves why they instantly fell in love with her music. Lyrically, her music is brimming with sweet sentiments, witty personal stories and a whole lot of heart. Her music evokes that timeless quality that all singer/songwriters want to hopefully capture in their music, a sense of truth, of honesty and an emotional connection with the listener. Stephanie Fraser has all those qualities and then some, making her an artist that only comes around once in a blue moon, she is very special and her music is magical. 

Like her peers, Rae Morris and Lucy Rose, have done before her, Miss Fraser is surely about to make her own mark on the music industry as she ventures forth this year with a barrage of new material. All I can say is get the tissues ready, this is going to be one beautifully emotional ride.

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Charlotte Holroyd
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