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SONG OF THE WEEK: Go Life – ‘Help Yourself’

Go Life is the brainchild of singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Rhys Viney. He has been creating quite a buzz of late with his signature brand of indie tinged electronic pop, with last releases Waves and 19 sending the blogosphere into a frenzy over his confessional lyrical style and gently moving, transportive soundscapes.

Help Yourself builds on the soothing yet haunting melodic canvas that Viney has aggregated, but delves that bit further into dream pop territory. Viney’s skill for creating strikingly tormented arrangements takes on a slightly more optimistic turn on Help Yourself with it’s shimmering and soaring guitar riffs and flourishing drum machine, this track definitely gives you everything it possibly could plus more.

For fellow fans of electro pop purveyors GEMS and Wet, then the sounds of Go Life will make your world spin in the best way possible. Help Yourself eloquently demystifies the feeling of sadness and loneliness. The wisdom impressed upon you is that only you yourself have the power to make things happen, only you can make that change, you alone have the power to help yourself…Simply put but true. If Go Life continues on in this respect then the sky certainly is the limit. All I can say, though, for certain that we’ll definitely be listening. Will you?

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