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SONG OF THE WEEK: Le Noire – ‘Fire’

Now we like our music loud and seductively tantalising, but Le Noire have taken it to the next level with their début effort ‘Fire’. We are treated to smoky, fizzing hot’n’heavy unrestrained rock. Now that’s something to be excited about.

Percussion rumbles, guitars surge and penetrate, all the while a powerful vocal charms its way into our hearts. As you’d imagine we listen to a lot of new music every single day, and though we appreciate every musician, every songwriter that chooses to filter their thoughts and emotions out through song, not many manage to excite the ears as instantly as Le Noire have done.

Like the bands name suggests, a sordid darkness lies beneath the surface of the very workings of the band’s music, which couldn’t be made more clearer than in the music video. Watch it for yourself below and hold on tight.

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