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SONG OF THE WEEK: Sara Hartman – ‘Monster Lead Me Home’

There will always be firsts for everyone in their lives, but the first times tend to linger with you the longest. On the first listen to 19-year-old Sara Hartman’s debut track ‘Monster Lead Me Home’ I was awe-struck. Firstly, by the insatiable pop hooks (that’s one way to catch my attention), and secondly, by her sensational voice. It’s one of those songs that could easily make a young artist. The pop world better be ready.

The Berlin-based,  US-born chanteuse is sparkling with promise on her debut effort. Snappy percussive beats drive resounding piano backing and rich vocal harmonies to the choral apex of the track. The building and layering of vocals and beats is key here, growing in strength with each and every pulse-quickening ensemble. ‘Monster Lead Me Home’ proves to be a defining moment for Miss Hartman, only time will tell if she is the next reigning pop queen, but for now, we can’t wait to hear what’s coming next.

‘Monster Lead Me Home’ is out now, buy it here on iTunes.

Sara Hartman Links: Facebook . Twitter

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