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SONG OF THE WEEK: Hollow States – ‘If I Have To Grow Up’

Hollow States are a burgeoning new band from Sydney, we’re very pleased to bring you their début single ‘If I Have To Grow Up’. A somewhat troubled piano/synth driven track about clinging on to those younger years, being stuck in a continual phase of confusion, being too scared of the future and finding the strength to break out of routine. It’s about finding your way in the world and seizing control of your life, it’s positive message wins out in the end.

Hollow States have shown considerable skill in composing grandiose dark arrangements with a lingering presence of fading nostalgia. Although, the emphasis still stands on the feeling of despair and melancholy, you get a feeling that it’s not the end, there is a little bit of hope in there too “I better find my way somehow”.

The resonating dusky soundscape is enveloping and twinkles with bright synth notes, it’s a sweet contrast to the sometimes heavy, almost overbearing, thundering piano that drives the song forward.

Stream the track below and feel free to download it, I mean it’s free after all. 

Hollow States Links: Facebook . Twitter

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