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SONG OF THE WEEK: The Slow Readers Club – ‘Start Again’

Manchester’s finest indie electro purveyors are back with new single, Start Again, taken off their forthcoming sophomore record. It’s dark, mechanical soundscape reigns proud against infectious lyricism and pounding, energetic dance beats.

The lyricism is plagued with regret, the wish to turn back time and redo things all over again, something I’m sure we’ve all wished for at one point in our lives. The track shows The Slow Readers Club at their best. Start Again could easily be their best track to date, it’s slick indie glamour, coursing post-punk guitars, infectious groove and electronic heartbeat, all help to showcase a band in their musical prime.

The track glimmers with staple Slow Readers Club dark introspection and Starkie’s fortifying vocals. Start Again is another triumph, for a band that clearly have all the makings of one that should be headlining arena’s, like the indie giants they are.

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