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SONG OF THE WEEK: Roo Panes – ‘A Message To Myself’

As the nights draw further in and the days begin to grow colder, the arrival of new music from Roo Panes heralds jubilant revelation. Steering in a refreshing direction, ‘A Message to Myself’ is reflective and pensive, and owns its expansion in sound.

Wandering refrains venture seeking new pathways towards self-exploration, while sweeping and comforting string orchestration sends the music to starry altitudes, Panes bides time until the closing bars to further satisfy the song’s remarkable build – drifting between falsetto and vibrato harmonies with ease. The notes linger long after the instrumental fades, and as gratification goes this might be the best progression we’ve heard in a song for quite some time.

Teaming up with Mt. Wolf’s Bassi Fox for this release seems to have been the correct decision, Panes also appears to share a similar feeling, explaining that: “The song started as a minimalist piano concept, with a repetitive piano scale throughout. It felt different from some of my previous tracks. I felt from the get go that the song needed a particular kind of treatment. Being called ‘A Message To Myself’ I wanted it to have a minimalist, intimate, meditative kind of feeling, but I also wanted to express the sheer power and drama of one’s thoughts and have an expansive feeling, so was bit of a balance. Hearing Mt Wolf’s style and knowing that we shared some similar musical tastes I thought he’d be great to work with on it.”

‘A Message to Myself’ is out now via CRC Music – and available to Stream/Purchase on all platforms here.

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