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SONG OF THE WEEK: Loa Loa – ‘Pyrrhic’

Brighton’s Loa Loa continue their stint to render their listeners further on-the-side of impaired hearing by bringing us another absolute clanger of raw guitar and cutting angst, this time though it’s personal. ‘Pyrrhic’ found life out of a real life encounter, one which the band can’t quite seem to live down or shake off.

Loa Loa give us the lowdown on why, explaining that: “Last year I worked my way into a major label, having the job as the smallest cog in the machine I spent a lot of time doing bullshit errands. This song came about after a whole day of fraudulently signing merch for a boy band who were too busy ‘enjoying’ life to do it themselves. Probably one of the most demoralising, ego shattering things I’ve ever done. I can look back at that now and laugh I guess but I’m still pretty livid.”

Ain’t it true, that what doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger? I’d say certainly, especially in the case of Loa Loa. Whilst we all have to work our way up the ladder at some point in our lives (Well, does the ladder even ever get shorter? Perhaps, that’s a question for another time), what has to be said for human nature is that we are good at persisting and bouncing back once we find ourselves in sticky situations. Loa Loa have given even more cause to this statement by rebounding in the most feral, tenacious way they can: putting pen to paper and writing a huge song that commends their indie spirit. Good on them. We salute everyone that stands by their principles. 

‘Pyrrhic’ is out now via Be Pacific Recs. Find on iTunes here.

Loa Loa can be found on Facebook and Twitter.

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