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SONG OF THE WEEK: Odina – ‘You Loved Me, You Killed Me’

London-via-Barcelona singer/songwriter Odina liberates emotion and bares a fragile heart on debut ‘You Loved Me, You Killed Me’.

Her voice remains resilient through her heartache, pitched against trembling but never frail finger-picked guitar and swelling horns. The lyric, “I love mystery’s, until you became one / Truth be told I don’t know who you are…”, is delivered with a raw and unfiltered vulnerability, it’s a crushing blow to the gut.

Her songwriting is pure and tender, as a listener you feel every emotion heightened as she softly unpicks the breaking pieces of a betrayal. This is a punishing dark lullaby. Melancholic and sorrowful, vivid and tempered. Odina needs to be heard, songcraft like her’s stands the test of time, it’s vital and necessary.

The unveiling of Odina’s debut single triggers the chain reaction for her full length work to be disclosed – debut EP ‘Broken’. The EP will be released on imprint, Silverbell Records on 22nd July.

See Odina perform live at the release party for her debut EP ‘Broken’ at Rye Wax in London on 23rd July. Pre-order the EP on iTunes here.

Find Odina on Facebook and Twitter.

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