LVLS (Loveless) are a band from Manchester, consisting of Jay Gibb, Joanne McClung, Paul Mawhinney and Gaylord Knott. Their recent début EP, entitled Broken Art, is available to purchase now, featuring the intensely catchy It’s Only Love, is a must buy. They are currently working away in the studio on their full length LP, so exciting times […]


Bitter Sweet Symphonies’ Top 10 Albums of 2012

1. King Charles – LoveBlood King Charles describes his music as ‘Glam Folk’. He has this certain kind of flamboyancy and whimsicality that embodies his music and himself as a performer, which makes for a very entertaining and powerful performance. There are many stand out tracks on his début record, particular highlights are tracks, Coco Chitty and Lady Percy, the […]