Mog Stanley EXCLUSIVE Demo’s Review

Mog Stanley has to be one of the most interesting finds I have come across recently, a true musician. I was lucky enough to see his set, as part of Longevity Records showcase night at The Ruby Lounge, here in Manchester a couple of months ago, he was definitely one of the stand outs.

His blend of electric, rhythm and blues rock really makes an impact from the first riff. This Manchunian has a whole lotta soul, and he knows how to reel you in, his foot-thumping melodies create the perfect ambiance and you can’t help but be transported to its bluesy roots. His music really does cut deep into your soul, making a lasting impact every time you listen to it. Mog Stanley is a very talented musician and it’s about time people really see this and take notice, as he is truly a part of what makes the music scene here in Manchester so diverse and world class.

I was lucky enough to get my hands on a few demo’s from his upcoming LP, as a preview of what we can expect, it’s very good indeed. Mog is definitely pushing himself and his music is all the better for it. All the songs are so far unnamed, but what I can say is that they are even better than his older material, so I can’t wait to hear more. Read on to hear my thoughts on some of the new songs.

His new material may only be in demo form at the moment but they are very, very good, so I can only imagine what the final versions will sound like, but one thing’s for certain is that these new offerings really do show him at his best and his musicianship is growing by the day.

This song, for what I’ll name “The Other Side” is a real beauty, a magnificent blend of bluesy rhythms and soul stompingly good catchy riffs, which build into a combustion of sounds, a joyful yet dark song that takes you to places you would’ve never expected it to. The opening chords make this song feel very much folk inspired, with subtle strumming of the guitar strings, it brings a very mellow and calm atmosphere.

Mog’s vocals here really makes this song stand out and it shows how much he is progressing as an artist, and the slight change in direction that his music is now taking. As the song progresses, the vocals become more and more intricate and heavy, as the beat kicks in, the song starts to unravel and becomes a delicious, foot stomping revelry, heading back to his bluesy roots. This song showcases Mog at his best, a very soulful melodious, joy ridden tune. In my opinion, this has to be his best yet.

The next song, which I’ll call “Make a U-turn” is stunning, the vulnerability is his voice and in the lyrics really makes this song so powerful. A nice stripped down, acoustic slow-burner that has a lot of heart, another brilliant song.

The last song, which I’ll name “Spin These Plates”, is a nod to his older material. A slow-burning, dark melting pot of blues rock. A lovely combination of deep cutting, seering vocals to a dirty, bluesy backdrop. Perfect in every sense of the word.

Of what I’ve heard from Mog in these three songs, I’m sure his LP will be one not to be missed, a sure fire hit in my opinion. Looking forward to hearing a lot more from him.

You can check out Mog’s other releases, Inside the Mindbox EP and Tricky Mouth Blues, which are both available to buy everywhere now, here.

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