Manchester Music Scene: Loud and Proud of it

I thought now would be the best time to showcase some of Manchester’s finest up and coming talent. As a city, we all know Manchester has a fine history of being the hub for great music and diversity, but sometimes this can go unnoticed and good music can slip through the cracks, so here’s your chance to hear it. Grab your best pair of headphones and enjoy….

Frank’s Wild Years

Frank’s Wild Years have a good catalogue of hard-hitting rock tunes sprinkled with a luscious helping of blues soul, it’s just enough to make you crave for more. Their blend of Northern rock is as deliciously addictive as a cold beer on a summer’s day, expect an explosion of sound seeped with temptingly devilish vocals and exceedingly well written lyrics. Along with a solid dose of banging drums, heavy guitars and juicy bass, it’s just what the doctor ordered. Frank’s Wild Years are sure to be heading out of Manchester very soon and taking their music much further around the world.

Mercury Field

Mercury Field are, put simply, loud, in every way possible. Their hard core Rock n’ Roll makes it’s impact from the very first note, they know exactly how to set a room alight. Jones’ fiery vocals combined with the sizzling intensity of their masterful lyrics, is a recipe for success, you can’t help but think why have I never heard this band before? Mercury Field are just the band to shake up the music industry.

Bright Young Things

This indie four-piece are exciting to say the least, with a sound that is quite common these days, they take it and run with it, turning it inside out. Bright Young Things are not just another indie band, they show that there is no limit to where indie music can go, making music that is so infectious that you might actually catch something from listening, I think I may have already caught the Bright Young Things fever. Yummy guitar riffs that make you yearn for summer days, accentuated with a good dose of distortion, and melodies that soar to the finish line, all these elements make Bright Young Things unstoppable. The perfect band to brighten up your day.

Turrentine Jones

Turrentine Jones are the best example of the diversity of Manchester’s music scene, a truly incredible band, that make going to a gig more of a musical experience than just a night out. Their sound comprised of blues at its heart, with rock in its soul, just lights up a room. Every song being so raw and intensely dark makes the combustion of the lyrics even more vivid and powerful, making you just lose yourself in the music. A great band, I suggest you check out.


Mutineers are the pioneers in making heartbreakingly beautiful, melancholic indie tunes and they simply have it down to a tee. With distinctive vocals from Mallins, Mutineers have the edge, perfectly intense and captivating. Mallins vocals being brought to the forefront sailing on the top of their deliciously, crafted indie pop, what more could you ask for? A credit to Manchester and a great début album to boot, Mutineers are where its at.

Charlotte Holroyd
Editor, Creator and Founder of Bitter Sweet Symphonies. A lover of music and cinema, who's constantly attending gigs and in search of a great experience.

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  1. Mercury Field are without doubt one of the best bands around Manchester at the moment, go see them live

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