In Conversation with…SIVU

Sivu (aka James Page) traces the familiar with a distinct flavour of his own merit – shaped from experience, wrought by matters of a greater existence and expressed as emotional burrows into the essence of the human condition. Born in St Ives, relocation has seen the singer/songwriter move between the city and the further reaches […]


FESTIVAL REVIEW: Live at Leeds 2017

Live at Leeds continues to thrive, growing with ambition each passing year. For a mid-size inner city festival it does very well to cover all the bases: a plethora of diverse venues, a cornucopia of international acts and fresh talent, culture, and community. With the heavyweight billing, it means you to have to be ruthless […]

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Many Things About…BOA

London-via-Bristol three piece BOA invigorate with an irresistible charm and an engrossing sonic flavour. Current single ‘Steal It’ reveals their best moment yet, a hands-in-the-air sizzler primed for all those pre-summer playlists and late-night raves. After winning the voting poll in the last edition of our #BitterSweetPlaylist, it seems that BOA have that fighting mentality to succeed.