INTRODUCING: Kismet Ryding

Kismet Ryding are Mike Freeman (lead vocals), Josh Humphreys (guitar), Tom Humphreys (bass) and Jazz White (drums).

This four-piece from Grimsby are surely going to go far, with their flare for 60’s inspired psychedelic, rock n roll tunes with a little twist. Kismet Ryding are well and truly ones to look out for. 

Their exuberant live sets are well known for being energetic, crazy good times, but what you don’t know is that they are going to be releasing a new EP very soon, which promises to be every bit the high voltage epic that their last was but even more so. Just this week, they released a teaser for the upcoming EP. The opening track, Last Night Stains, which proves to be a full-on killer, with tantalising hooks and soaring riffs, mind-bendingly good lyrics and unabashed vocals from Freeman. This song is every bit a modern day flashback to the music of the 60s, from the likes of The Kinks and The Beatles with a hint of fellow indie rockers, The Arctic Monkeys mixed in there also.

It just shows that great music still is being made today and that this band know exactly how to do this and have a good time while doing so. Check out the song below, and if you like what you hear why not buy a copy, you’ll be helping out a good cause, half the proceeds go to Fender’s music charity. You can’t argue with that.

Kismet Ryding have just announced tonight that their upcoming EP will be released on 26th August 2013, and it is now available to pre order here.

Charlotte Holroyd
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