INTRODUCING: The Lottery Winners

Self-proclaimed hopeless romantics The Lottery Winners are just the breath of fresh air the music industry needs right now. You can immediately hear The Smiths influence in their music, and I’m not complaining, this band is utterly brilliant.

Born and raised in Salford/Manchester, they have been products of their environment, the music scene in Manchester has had a very positive effect and influence on their sound, creating what can only be described as none-other-than perfection. Yummy guitar riffs and smooth sailing vocals make them just irresistible. 

This four-piece are set to go far, consisting of members, Thomas Rylance (Lead Vocals and Guitar), Katie Lloyd (Bass and Vocals), Robert Lally (Guitar and Vocals), and Joe Singleton (Drums), all have impeccable taste and great skill in composing their indie pop.

Their upcoming EP, entitled Somebody Loved You EP, is set to be released soon, there is no date set for release as of now, but it can’t be long off, so I suggest you keep checking their website for more details.

Charlotte Holroyd
Editor, Creator and Founder of Bitter Sweet Symphonies. A lover of music and cinema, who's constantly attending gigs and in search of a great experience.

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