Manchester Music Scene: Loud and Proud of it (Part 2)

I thought now would be the best time to showcase some of Manchester’s finest up and coming talent. As a city, we all know Manchester has a fine history of being the hub for great music and diversity, but sometimes this can go unnoticed and good music can slip through the cracks, so here’s your chance to hear it. Grab your best pair of headphones and enjoy….

Second Shepherds

Second Shepherds have it all, brilliantly written lyrics, astounding stage presence and a sound that is unmatched in this day and age. What you can expect from them are a collection of songs that are not only killer tunes but that also have meaning. Their style of Rock n Roll is built on the best frameworks, atmospheric soundscapes, gritty guitars, healthy drum beats and soaring vocals, you can get nothing better that.

Where’s Strutter

Where’s Strutter are one of Manchester’s most exciting young bands, with searing guitar riffs, explosive soundscapes and the raw intensity of Neville’s bittersweet vocals, Where’s Strutter are high on my list of the best bands in Manchester. They have this quality about them that no other band can match, they are masters at what they do, from slow-burning rock tunes to heavy, full-on supercharged rock epics. Where’s Strutter are sure to go far.

The Unassisted

The Unassisted have only recently formed, but they are already making waves here in Manchester, they are sure to be big names in the music industry soon enough. Their delicious helpings of dark, indie rock, often has people describing it as reminiscent of Joy Division, but it’s so more more than that. The Unassisted really have their minds set in the right direction, intensely edgy vocals mixed in with dark undertones and epic soundscapes, their music most accurately can be described as a guilty pleasure, just simply delectable.


Peur just explode on your ears, the wall of sound that they create just comes in and sweeps you up straight away. A hard core rock band, that at times takes heed from Muse, in the best way possible. Expect a whole lot of noise, punchy drums, guitars at full throttle and captivating vocals. Peur are definitely ones to look out for.

Puppet Rebellion

Puppet Rebellion are quickly becoming the ‘IT’ band in Manchester, only forming earlier this year, they have already achieved so much, gaining a solid fanbase and having played many gigs in and around the city. This indie rock five-piece are utterly brilliant, with infectious hooks and riffs and soaring vocals from Monaghan, this is only the beginning for these guys, I’m sure.

Charlotte Holroyd
Editor, Creator and Founder of Bitter Sweet Symphonies. A lover of music and cinema, who's constantly attending gigs and in search of a great experience.

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  1. Great bands, why more people don’t go to see these bands is beyond me. Keep up the good word Charlotte.

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