INTRODUCING: The Folk Remedy

The Folk Remedy are a Manchester based three-piece, originating from Ireland and the fair town of Bolton, comprising of Matt Whoriskey (Vocals, Guitar), Rob Ryle (Lead Guitar) and Maria Bonner (Violin, Backing Vocals). This indie folk three-piece are just what Manchester and the music industry alike, have been craving for. They make beautifully, organic sounds that settle on your ears, as sweet as honey.

They have carefully crafted a sound that can only be described as hauntingly sublime, that will linger with you for hours after listening. The subtle intricacies of the melodies and lyrics combined really do showcase the beauty of their songwriting skills and it makes for an absolutely stunning listen. The Folk Remedy, for the lack of any better word, are the perfect remedy for a lonely night in or a sunny, summer’s day.

The richness of Whoriskey’s voice is what makes this band so unrivalled by any other, the revelries of emotion he can portray in his voice and the sweet, succinct frailties of his voice, makes for something that is purely unique and unforgettable. The glorious melodies of Bonner’s skilful violin playing, adds a beautiful backdrop to the songs, echoes of her Irish heritage shine through. Ryle effortlessly melds his smooth guitar playing, essentially the heart and soul of their music, to create the perfect melodious soundscape that is The Folk Remedy.

Their soon to be released début EP, entitled Sirens, out 11th May, has already received a host of rave reviews and has gained airplay on BBC Radio Manchester and BBC Introducing. Not bad for a band that only started playing together in 2012. I suspect this is only the beginning of a very long career for these guys, and I for one, can’t wait to hear more from them.

Photo Credit: Drew Forsyth

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