EP REVIEW: Young Kato – ‘Young Kato’

Young Kato are an indie six-piece from Cheltenham, consisting of Tommy Wright (vocals), Jack Edwards (guitar), Joe Green (guitar), Joe Lever (bass), Harry Steele (keyboards) and Sam Henderson (drums). Young Kato are set to embark on their biggest tour yet, headlining venues across the UK, which begins this coming week in Bristol. With their début single, Something Real, gaining steam more and more everyday and having already received it’s first play on Radio 1 barely two week ago, it is proving to be a very exciting time for Young Kato and I expect it’s only the beginning. 

Having released their début self-titled EP just last year, they have already gainied a steady fan base of just over 7,500 on Facebook alone. Having said this, it’s not surprising as their EP is astounding good, comprising of 4 tracks.

The EP starts off with “Drink, Dance, Play” which is an atmospheric, melodious revelerie which takes you by the hand instantly and pulls you in. A joyful, fast–paced track, which delves straight into the heart of what Young Kato are about: embracing life to the fullest, having fun and celebrating that.

We then move onwards to “Break Out” which strides in with a beautifully  expansive soundscape, which showcases Young Kato at their best. With a solid beat and a killer chorus to boot, “Break Out” is surely the stand out track of the EP, a real builder that soars as we reach the last riff.

“Life’s Good” is a another straight up killer, armed with a strong chorus and a proud, heavy drum beat throughout. This song sits perfectly on the EP, of this Cheltenham six-piece’s début, showing that they are here to stay. We sail straight into “Revolution”, a real high note to go out on. Heavily ridden with strong, punchy drums and soaring guitar riffs, as the song charges to the finish line, you can’t help but ask why are there only 4 tracks on the EP? They could have easily pushed for another, but having said that though, all 4 tracks are well produced and make up a brilliant début for Young Kato, which, I for one, can’t complain with. 

Young Kato are ones to look out for,a very exciting young band indeed. Hotly tipped as one of my picks that make up the sound of 2013, a truly outstanding band.




Charlotte Holroyd
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