INTRODUCING: Hudson Taylor

This Dublin duo are making waves right now and rightly so. These brothers, Harry & Alfie Hudson-Taylor, really do have something special. They have honed their craft and are rapidly gaining steam, with a fast-growing fan base (over 35,000 supporters on Facebook alone) and they still haven’t released their début LP yet. That is impressive.

Their blend of folk-infused, melodious pop is so beautifully arranged and heartfelt that you can’t help but be moved by it. They have this quality about them that’s so endearing, whether that’s just because their music is made for an intimate setting or just that its their Irish roots that totally envelop you in their love of good music, but whatever it is, I love it. Every song of theirs, at it’s core is very celebratory, they make music for the soul, music to be enjoyed by everyone.

Hudson Taylor have come a long way since they first started uploading covers to YouTube, in the short space of time the duo have already released two EP’s and toured with Jake Bugg, as well as headlining many of their own sold-out shows, all this and they still haven’t reached the 2-year marker on their Facebook page. Impressive accolades so far, only time will tell.

Charlotte Holroyd
Editor, Creator and Founder of Bitter Sweet Symphonies. A lover of music and cinema, who's constantly attending gigs and in search of a great experience.

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