EP REVIEW: The Sea – ‘High On’

The Sea are Alex D’ Chisholme and Peter D’ Chisholme, these lads pride themselves on making music that is in its purest form raw, unadulterated noise, and I for one, can’t complain with that.

This two-piece have gained many career highlights in their time together so far, having toured with the likes of the mighty Muse, The Enemy and The Kills. They are based in London but have toured the world over, gaining a large following overseas, as well as in their native Britain. They are set to embark on a huge UK and European tour next week, which promises to be epic and one not to be missed. Not only that, but their new EP, High On, is set to be released literally the day after on April 11th, making it a very exciting time for these guys.

High On proves to be a big breakout from their old material, a high octane, ball of energy that just explodes from the opening riff. A must listen, in my opinion. The EP instantly grabs your attention and pulls you straight in with the explosive charge that is Letter Bomb. With the energy well and truly up, we sail into Run, which is a nice respite from the heavy-hitting Letter Bomb. Run has to be the stand out track on the EP for me. A quality track that glides with ease into it’s plea for help, with many great stand out moments, this track really is epic. D’Chisholme’s vocals really seal the deal, the honesty and vulnerability in his voice, makes for a heartfelt tale of love and loss.

The heartfelt, melancholic Number One is a beautiful tribute to a lost love. We move swiftly on to Get Up, Stand Up, Die, which see’s an explosion of sound from the first riff. Get Up, Stand Up, Die is nothing less than a loud, aggressive anthem, that is sure to get the crowd jumping. Lost It/Never Had It sails into its first verse with the antagonized remarks, “You faker, You taker” and continues to pack a punch throughout, with many a killer riff to be enjoyed, as the track evolves into a loud tell all. The EP ends on the slow-burning, Wednesday Trap. A brilliant blend of pithy remarks and stomping drum beats. A great note to go out on, this EP is simply stunning, these guys are on fire throughout. A sure fire hit.




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