In Conversation with…JULIEN BAKER

The afternoon sun is being replaced with a chilly early evening as I meet with Julien Baker at York’s gorgeous Grand Opera House, where she is supporting the folk-rock favourites Belle and Sebastian on their UK tour. Julien is relaxed and in high spirits. Before I hit the record button, she talks about feeling spoiled […]


LIVE REVIEW: PEAKES at Oporto, Leeds

PEAKES are a Leeds-based trio made up of Molly Puckering (vocals), Maxwell Shirley (keyboards & backing vocals) and Peter Redshaw (percussion). Bringing together a wide range of musical influences, their alternative electronic sound is well thought out and incredibly self-assured even in its most vulnerable moments.



In the five years since their Mercury Prize-winning debut album, alt-J have managed to stay at the top of the off-kilter pile that is quirky British rock music. Many parts of their second offering, ‘This Is All Yours’, felt like a continuation of the first album, while other parts brought out more sides to the […]