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TRACK OF THE DAY: Westerman – ‘Easy Money’

London’s Westerman is confessional and surprisingly comforting on his latest single ‘Easy Money’.

‘Easy Money’ is a thoroughly enjoyable listen. The song begins with seasick guitars weaving amongst a pedalling keyboard that almost suggests a four-to-the-floor situation, before dropping into a dedicated half time feel for the remainder of the track. The music perfectly reflects the tone of the lyrics; not fully settled, floating along and occasionally hitting some driftwood (represented by keyboard blips).

From the very first listen it softly injects dopamine into the musical bloodstream – it can work on as many levels as you would want it to. “So I don’t say no and I don’t think twice – why should I worry? Worry makes you ill,” the artist muses.  Throughout its full four and a half minutes, the song never fully ‘kicks in’ and therefore manages to keep the focus largely on the vulnerable aspects.

‘Easy Money’ highlights Westerman’s skill as both an adept songwriter and arranger – few musicians manage to create such a vivid mood with minimal instrumentation, alongside writing a song that benefits from, but is by no means constricted to, its musical setting.

Westerman’s new single ‘Easy Money’ is out now on Blue Flowers – available to Stream/Purchase here.

Photo Credit: Jamie Sinclair

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