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TRACK OF THE DAY: Cruel World – ‘Boxer’

Cruel World are a brand new Leeds band consisting of James Smith (Post War Glamour Girls), Harry Ridgway, Lee Smith, James Pearce and Ian McArdle, and their debut single ‘Boxer’ is worth everyone’s attention.

Clocking in at just over three minutes, it’s an upbeat affair – the opening drum fill and first hit of the E chord are a dead ringer for ‘Uptown Girl,’ but that is quickly forgotten with its reflective verses that cruise along with driving drums and bass lines. Sandwiched in-between the sections is a Strokes-esque guitar solo, a nice addition to the slightly spacey arrangement.

‘Boxer’ could easily have been overcooked in terms of arrangement, production and song-length, but Cruel World have managed to keep it catchy and concise, and just short enough that you get the itch to listen to it immediately after it’s finished. A sign of very infectious things to come.

Catch Cruel World live this summer at Cheshire’s Bluedot Festival – tickets available here.

Find Cruel World on Facebook and Twitter.

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