LIVE REVIEW: PEAKES at Oporto, Leeds

PEAKES are a Leeds-based trio made up of Molly Puckering (vocals), Maxwell Shirley (keyboards & backing vocals) and Peter Redshaw (percussion). Bringing together a wide range of musical influences, their alternative electronic sound is well thought out and incredibly self-assured even in its most vulnerable moments.

I went down to their headline show at Oporto in Leeds in early November, just after the release of their latest single ‘Space’. It was a great choice of venue for their small, inviting set-up surrounded by moody lighting.

Their set itself was a triumph, delivering their unique brand of pop to an attentive sold out crowd. ‘Pray for You’ went down a storm, boasting one of the band’s biggest choruses to date (“I should have seen it coming”), while the slow groove of ‘Contemplate’ was wonderfully reflective. Of all the great moments, ‘Space’ was possibly the best with its confessional lyrics and heartache melody (“Did it break you like it broke me? / I can’t work it out”) gently cutting through the gorgeous chords and half-time beat underneath. At seven songs, the set was short but perfectly put together and not one moment was filler.

It’s wonderful to see a new band that already have such a focused sound and look at a level that takes most artists many years to achieve. Even at this early stage, PEAKES really do come across like a band already in their prime.

Check out our full photo gallery from the show, below:

PEAKES’ debut EP ‘Space’ is out now via Circadian Rhythms – purchase on iTunes here.

All live photos credited to Tom Saunders.

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