ORIGINS // Awaken to the Mesmerising World of Caoilfhionn Rose

Manchester artist Caoilfhionn Rose unveiled her debut album Awaken on the 12th of October, 2018. Respected label Gondwana Records has the privilege of releasing the work, after a couple of years in development the collaboration finally reached its fruition when Rose and Gondwana’s Matthew Halsall connected in the studio. They were introduced serendipitously, Rose’s father […]


In Conversation with…FENNE LILY

Fenne Lily’s work is subtle but impactful. Her words rise and fall with a weight of emotional sincerity. Her voice exchanges gritty, hushed, supple caresses with pitch-perfect feathery highs. Delivering lyrics of articulate observation and lived understanding, Lily is one of those artists that once witnessed can’t be forgotten or unheard.


ALBUM REVIEW: Bryde – ‘Like An Island’

Emotion is central to Welsh-born Sarah Howells’ solo project Bryde, whether potently exalted, or hushed and tempered, Howells expresses with ferocious clarity and a strength of being that could withstand a hurricane. The full-length debut album collects a selection of already-released singles alongside a host of rather impressive new cuts, proudly chest baring the title: […]


ALBUM REVIEW: Fenne Lily – ‘On Hold’

Singer-songwriter Fenne Lily has been slowly making a name for herself, spreading her melancholy tunes across various venues these past two years as support for artists such as Dodie, Charlie Cunningham and Marlon Williams with only a sample of her music in tow. So it’s been longtime coming for the Bristol-based artist to release a […]


2017 IN REVIEW: Bitter Sweet Symphonies’ Albums of the Year

It’s time again that we reflect back on the past year, while 2017 has been divisive for many reasons; there have been crucial moments for growth and celebration. The chart-topping firsts of LCD Soundsystem’s ‘American Dream’ and The National’s ‘Sleep Well Beast’ told us that perseverance still holds its merit, streaming services are proving successful, […]


ALBUM REVIEW: Red Kite – ‘Racquet’

Red Kite explore nostalgia and fantasy in second album, Racquet, recalling memory and activating sensations, as they ignite fires and let tears roll. Their journeying sound crafts a trip of trial and trouble, but one to be looked back on with nonchalant over-the-shoulder smiles and smirks. The London quintet colour the innocence of childhood thoughts, […]