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IN FOCUS // Gretta Ray

August 2018 saw Australian singer-songwriter Gretta Ray’s sophomore release Here And Now hit the digital shelves, running hot of the back of her 2016 breakthrough single ‘Drive’. Ray combines female-piloted pop-rock of the Imbruglia/Morissette school with a more developed lyrical persona and a sharp ear for melody. It’s the kind of music that stuck up hipsters […]

Track of the Day

TRACK OF THE DAY: Loux – ‘Cool’

Leeds-based newcomers Loux are an outfit firmly committed to remaining forward looking without compromising on the structural integrity of their music. Their melodies and arrangements are tight and to the point, with never a second wasted on self indulgence, and every key element playing just the right role without overpowering any other. Following on nicely […]


LISTEN: Loux – ‘Meet Me Halfway’

Indie-electronica aimed at a pop audiences can sometimes be at risk of falling short in key ways. Articulation is often lacking in vocal melodies and lyrics, which alienates the pop listener who is looking for emotional connection with the singer – whereas structures and melodies are often too conventional for the abstract tastes of the […]


LIVE REVIEW: Grizzly Bear at O2 Academy, Brixton

Where to start with Grizzly Bear…? It’s undeniable that they’re one of the most prestigiously talented and inventive acts around, but their idiosyncrasies can be off-putting to the casual listener. They’re critical darlings, with a reputation for immaculate musicianship, dazzlingly intricate live performances, and Jonny Greenwood says they’re his favourite band. With this years release […]