WATCH: Bahamas – Live to Tape (Episode 4: Gus Seyffert, Joey Waronker, Sam Weber & Lucius)

Collaboration is something kindred, a bond of connection akin to nothing else in this world. When musicians join together, distant or close, the result can be invigorating and regenerative. Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit, approaches have had to shift and renegotiate—and live performance has been especially affected. Collaboration has become that much harder but equally […]

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TRACK OF THE DAY: Ali Comerford – ‘He Knows’

Deftly merging elegant songwriting with sophisticated instrumentation, Kilkenny based singer and multi-instrumentalist Ali Comerford sets the bar high on her debut release, ‘He Knows‘. Drawing from a background in classical training and performance, Comerford sings and performs every note on this number, deploying a keen artistic instinct and a lightness of touch to her work, […]

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TRACK OF THE DAY: Chèlle – ‘Hallucinating You’

Toronto born singer-songwriter Chèlle’s new single, ‘Hallucinating You,’ is delightfully, unashamedly disco-inspired, and still manages to be unique. Chèlle and her producer Jonathan Karkar were influenced by Whitney Houston’s ‘Wanna Dance with Somebody’, and while that influence is apparent, what’s also obvious is that she has her own story to tell and talent to showcase.


2020 IN REVIEW: Bitter Sweet Symphonies’ Albums of the Year

While it is easy to encapsulate 2020 as a year of challenge and global crisis, the last twelve months have also spurred a great deal of reflection, community resilience and spirit. Initiatives like Tim’s Twitter Listening Party, Snow Patrol’s Saturday Songwrite and Bandcamp’s Bandcamp Fridays have shown what pure intention and dedication can create, especially […]