Our memories are built on shifting sands. They’re not images in our mind conjured by time-travelling back to the original events we’re remembering. We rarely recall an event direct from the source. More often than not, our brains remember instead the last time we remembered it. And each time it’s filtered from a new perspective, a […]


WATCH: Bahamas – Live to Tape (Episode 4: Gus Seyffert, Joey Waronker, Sam Weber & Lucius)

Collaboration is something kindred, a bond of connection akin to nothing else in this world. When musicians join together, distant or close, the result can be invigorating and regenerative. Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit, approaches have had to shift and renegotiate—and live performance has been especially affected. Collaboration has become that much harder but equally […]

Track of the Day

TRACK OF THE DAY: Ali Comerford – ‘He Knows’

Deftly merging elegant songwriting with sophisticated instrumentation, Kilkenny based singer and multi-instrumentalist Ali Comerford sets the bar high on her debut release, ‘He Knows‘. Drawing from a background in classical training and performance, Comerford sings and performs every note on this number, deploying a keen artistic instinct and a lightness of touch to her work, […]