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TRACK OF THE DAY: Sive – ‘Holding’

After enchanting us with her beautiful song, ‘Quietly’ last year – Irish singer and songwriter Sive is back again this year with another musical gem, ‘Holding’. 

It’s not often that percussion gets a front row seat within a song. Next to flashy guitar solos or the boldness of a piano, this array of instruments tends to fill in gaps and not be the centre of attention. However, Sive has managed to turn that notion around and make shakers, rainsticks and co. the stars of the show. Especially, a small but captivating instrument that goes by the name of kalimba, has become Sive’s signature instrument (and one you’ll easily hear within her tracks). 

‘Holding’ starts off heavily showcasing the kalimba, creating this labyrinthine-esque imagery in your head. This ties into the beginning lyrics that speak of letting go and getting lost instead of “holding on.” As the song progresses the melody get faster, more erratic – a little like you’ve gotten lost within the labyrinth and you’re frantically trying to get out. The song ultimately ends with a fade out thus completing the imagery of having gotten completely lost within the maze. 

It really is another captivating piece of music that builds wonderful little pictures within the mind, even if it leaves you a tiny bit disappointed that the song doesn’t go on a little longer than it does… Suppose there’s always a next time. 

‘Holding’ is out now via Veta Records – available to purchase on iTunes here.

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Marla Geesing
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