In Conversation With… LEIF ERIKSON

When you hear the words Leif Erikson, your mind may take you to the name of the Icelandic explorer. Well, Leif Erikson, the band, also explore within the depths of their alternative based music. The London-founded fivesome convey swayful, melodious synths and ambiguous lyrics, creating a deliverance of excitement and tranquillity combined.


LIVE REVIEW: Neighbourhood Festival 2019

What to say about this year’s round of Neighbourhood Festival? It was eclectic. The programming was focused on a few particular styles of music, yet the acts and what they brought in their live shows ranged from highly conceptualised spectacle, cathartic solitude, breathtaking precision, to beautifully collective uproar – as well as steadily providing entertaining […]


In Conversation with… CHANDLER JULIET

Back in March, I reviewed Chandler Juliet’s debut EP, Elements, here on Bitter Sweet Symphonies. It was a delightful EP about being a human being, a mix of quiet electronic production and spare organic instrumentation—everything is emotionally internal, and, correspondingly, aesthetically understated. While she lives in Los Angeles, California, she was in Nashville, Tennessee last […]