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TRACK OF THE DAY: Hot Dreams – ‘Stronger’

London four-piece Hot Dreams has begun 2019 true to fashion with a naturally atmospheric gem of alternative indie-rock. And new single ‘Stronger’ is just that, perhaps their strongest release to date, as the band continues to develop their vibey profile as promising ones to watch. 

Having formed just three years ago in 2016, the two previous singles released – ‘Plungepool’ and ‘Will You Dive’ – have each been crafted with a sonic expertise that drives into the musical stratosphere of the band’s capabilities. ‘Stronger’ is no exception. Well on their way to a debut EP, the trajectory of their musical path is solidly set in motion.  

Lyrically, ‘Stronger’ tells a personal story of the compassion and conversation required when approaching mental health and the stigma that surrounds the topic. The band warrants that when we are open about such things, understanding comes to light and makes the issue a little brighter, the individual a little stronger. The track opens with the wholesome prose, “You’re far too young / to carry all the things you had become / Take them with you far beyond the sun.

The track builds musically from a tame, ethereal state into something brimming with vibey percussion and glacial, melodic guitar riffs that supplement a soaring falsetto. It draws you in and refuses to let go, presenting itself and its subject matter as something beautifully formed of the human mind. Atmospheric is nearly an understatement, as their post-punk and pop influences collide, creating a unique immediate style that, indeed, drives far beyond the sun into the stuff made of dreams.  

‘Stronger’ is out now – available to Stream/Purchase here.

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