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TRACK OF THE DAY: Huck Hastings – ‘Jane’

Sydney-based singer-songwriter Huck Hastings released his follow-up single ‘Jane’, an ode to life, “about working, living, and life feeling like a long stretch of time,” last week. The awaited single follows the release of Cheers to Progress, his debut full-length album that was released in 2021, which garnered over half a million streams.

With a retro/indie feel and spacious instrumentation, the bittersweet lyrics focus on life feeling long and the self-acceptance that is desired. The beautiful melodies are accompanied by simple yet captivating chords, with a variety of different timbres that add to the spacious feel. The guitar solo that precedes the final verse only furthers the impact of the hard-hitting lyrics that Huck Hastings finishes on: “Follow protocol, in fifty years, I’ll be below the earth that bore me, maybe she adores me still, And I can feel it all, Self-acceptance crawling towards the end.

The track lends itself to an exceptional discography from Hastings, following the dreamy, lyrically heartfelt music that is all but expected from him. ‘Jane’ expresses something that we all dwell on, in such a beautifully written way, that its message sticks with you, long after listening. In a time when we have had time to reflect upon our own lives and self-acceptance, ‘Jane’ is a perfect summary of those thoughts and feelings experienced throughout.

‘Jane’ is out now – available to Stream/Purchase here.

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