FESTIVAL REVIEW: Live at Leeds 2019

As new music festivals go, Live at Leeds is the premier league – a metropolitan wurlitzer of entertainment and culture pinpointing talent from all corners of the globe then bringing them together for one blistering day. The great Northern city offers a playground for escapism, adventure and pilgrimage, spanning miles of terrain the venues are […]


FESTIVAL REVIEW: Live at Leeds 2018

Oh Leeds, you charmer you. A city that weaves and unwinds like an immense tapestry, revealing a thousand hidden gems, a thousand nooks and crannies, a minefield of cultural brilliance waiting to explode from under you at any given moment. And there is no better day to exemplify those most tantalising of features better than […]


In Conversation with…NARCS

Following a stonking set at this year’s Live At Leeds festival, we caught up with the city’s own Narcs. Despite channelling a political urgency and visceral stage presence, the guys were jovial and friendly on initial meeting. Frontman Wilko arrived with a pair of freshly picked daisies, and brought Joe (lead guitarist) and John (bassist) […]