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TRACK OF THE DAY: Damsen – ‘Something Good’

Shimmering into view like a late ’60s teleportation effect, Damsen’s new tune ‘Something Good’ evokes the anxiety of our times and soundtracks it with sliding jazzy guitars and oceanic instrumentation. And also it alleviates the boredom for a bit. It’s a song about bettering oneself, shaking the dust off of an old relationship, and it conveys this message whilst channeling the spirit of Portishead and Garbage.

From the off, we’re greeted with marching band drums and sultry vocals. The song is cautious in its approach, but then we get a gorgeous rush of falsetto that sweeps through a catacomb of guitars and ringing cymbals. The track’s chorus opens up hugely, the vocals gently intoning “something on the other side” in a downtrodden but confident manner.

The track feels, both thematically and sonically, like a body of clear water. References to water, drinks and waves abound throughout. And when “the wave hits” it hits like the gentle lapping of the tide, the music rushing downstream to join the ocean. But we’re also anchored in place (last water reference, I promise) by the drums, which like a lighthouse (alright I lied, shoot me), guide the track as it swirls all around them, pianos panning all over the place to create an unsettling, unpredictable feel.

‘Something Good’ also calls to mind the work of Fleetwood Mac, but with a glitzier, electronic quality to it. Its upbeat yet forlorn sensibilities and hypnotic repetition only strengthen this effect, and what an effect! The production, as aforementioned, is wonderful, as is the arrangement and playing and singing. It’s just all very good really, isn’t it, Damsen?

Though not vast in its variety, ‘Something Good’ is self-assured and dreamy. It makes light of struggles, shows us how to take steps to overcome them, and leads us gently through that realization with music that’s dramatic without being overblown. A calm and powerful introduction to this lovely band.

‘Something Good’ is out now – available to Stream/Purchase here.

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