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Releasing their debut album, The Loved Ones in 2017 was a defining moment for Flyte, and hardly the final curtain call. After the album impacted the band took to the road playing shows all across the globe, often headlining, sometimes opening for prominent names (including The Lemon Twigs and Lord Huron). Once tour wrapped the members eagerly headed back into the studio to work on new material, the first fruits include two recently released tracks which will form the basis for a new EP, due 20th September via Island Records.

White Roses‘ sets the tone for this new era, honing well-worn characteristics and sentimental warmth like a favourite fuzzy jumper. There isn’t need for embellishment, nor would we ask for it, Flyte’s way of composing and arranging is precise, stirring even, but nonetheless lived in; while every sonic decision feels considered their music doesn’t portray any sense of self-importance, rather it humbly offers sensory contentment with a side of emotional rapport. Clearly the members are gifted players, a song of this calibre rarely just writes itself, it’s a ubiquitous signifer of intellectual and spiritual virtuosity. To reach down this deep and pull out lyrics that contemplate not only personal, unspoken messages but connect beyond, to offer universal meaning, it’s indicative of true craftsmanship and reveals profound awareness of the human condition.

Wrapped in signature multi-part harmonies (this time beautifully multiplied by the voices of featured artists, The Staves), ‘White Roses’ drifts along to an intricate acoustic melody backed by pattering percussion, chiming tambourine sashays and softly oscillating electronics. Painting a picturesque sunset moment to contrast the contemplative, poignant imagery illustrated so vividly by singer Will Taylor’s soothing serenade. Capturing a timeless effervescence, the band’s performance and songwriting ability ceremoniously lifts the sombre mood as a unifying ode to friendship, remembrance and reconciliation.

The song describes a funeral setting and tackles the transformative experience of loss, as a nod to W. H. Auden’s ‘Funeral Blues.’ Subtly addressing the subject of death whilst exploring further themes of regret, repression and redemption.

Hot on the heels of ‘White Roses’ came a second release, an upbeat number that ties a discomforting sadness to the rationalisations of the world, handing in the rose-tinted glasses for a through line of outspoken honesty and truth-telling. Though, there still is reason for optimism as the title indicates, a blind sense of hope wraps around words of true intention, a declaration to someone dear that no matter where their relationship stands, the protagonist still believes in their future and will stand by them unconditionally. ‘I Still Believe in You‘ is short in form but heavy in discourse, it was a song “born out of a very difficult time,” says singer Will Taylor, “and grapples with truth, honesty and fidelity in a relationship.” 

In typical Flyte fashion, a strong guitar melody props up the central hookline and builds from there. What particularly catches the ear about this new material is the rustic essence of the production values, while the tracks sound as polished as ever, the soundscapes aren’t overpopulated by dense or overly excessive instrumentation, the individual instruments peak through and each are given solo opportunities to shine. Furthering room for melodic warmth and artist-to-listener connection. ‘I Still Believe in You’ encompasses the intimate, embracing feel of a country hoedown: lively, atmospheric, ambient and inclusive. A touching revelry on the surface, disclosing emotional complexity within. 

An additional two tracks will complete the forthcoming EP, and a live performance at London’s Village Underground is scheduled to happen on November 11th – don’t run to get your tickets though, it’s sold out (within a week we might add).

Flyte’s White Roses EP is due for release on 20th September – and is available to Pre-Order here.

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